A gallery of Canadian talent, the blogroll is a collection of animation-related blogs. They're sorted by most-recently-updated. New blogs will be added semi-regularly.


  1. hi, id love to be added to your blog roll.
    im a sheridan animation grad, and would love to get some more exposure for my sketches :D
    thanks a lot

    1. Hi, I also want to be a part of this roll. I am making short animation films of 60 seconds. I like to make 2d/3d animation movie. If you need please visit us:
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    2. Hi. Love your animation site. I wanted to see if you were open to adding www.idearocketanimation.com. We're a video animation and whiteboard animation company. Hope to stay connected Sunita.


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  2. Added you today Holley! I had you on the links from the omepage, ands switched them over to here. Start posting some new stuff and you'll get bumped to the top!

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    2. Hello I'm a freelance 3D animator. I've taken New Media Communications, but I'm pretty much self taught at 3D.


      This is a link to my first finished client project I did for a band. It cost $250 over a 5 month period. I'm also trying to get exposure so I might get paid a little better.


  3. nice one Mike, keep it rolling, it's a one stop shopping for Great Candain talent, maybe even some bacom YUM


    1. Hey! do you have 60 seconds just give me it I would like to make it animation film. I make 2d/3d animation short movie. If you want to have such a animation moment just connect with me. I will make it more animated.
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  4. I'd love to be added too. I'm a Sheridan grad + Canadian. :)

  5. Hi Michael,

    I too would love to be added, I'm a VFS grad and have worked a few jobs.



  6. Oh no crap!!! And I moved my blog! >__< Aww and just discovered I was listed on lol!

    This roll is a great idea Michael! Thanks!!! ^.^

  7. Hi Michael, I would be grateful if you add me to the list.



  8. Hey! I from St. Clair College, in windsor. Wondering if my blog could be added too
    ( http://angelszafranko.blogspot.com/ )

    cause I don't know what im supposed to do to add mine...Im going to tell a few other animation students about this!

    thank you.

  9. A truly great blog.

    I'm a flash animator and designer from Vancouver Island.

    Would be honoured to have my blog link in here.



  10. Hi

    Please consider me for C.A.B!!

    I'm a 40 year vet the animation scene in Toronto, and have just completed a 2d film for festival release called Weenie Wagon Woe.

    I have two blogs:




    Thank you.

    Willy Ashworth

  11. Hi Michael,

    First of all thanks for all the time & effort you put in to keep the site rolling and up to date. It's a great resource for anyone in the Animation biz.
    There is definitely a lot of talent that pours out of Canada.
    I too would like to join the Canadian Blogger list! pretty please :)

    Thanks! & keep up the Great work !


  12. hey Mike, it's Natasha, one of your students from business class. Love to be added to the blogroll.


  13. Hi Mike!! I remember you telling me to keep in touch! So that's what I'm doing!! Could I be added to your blogroll also? Thanks and hope you give me some news about how you are soon!!!

    Take Care!


  14. http://markpudleiner.blogspot.com/

  15. Hey mike. Id love you to add my pin ups for cancer blog here.


  16. Hi Mike,

    I'd love to have my blog listed as well. Thanks!


  17. I would like suggest you a reference website recently launched. It is 100% genuine Canadian. It is Reference! Reference! A website that offers more than 1,800 homan movement references videos totally FREE. I hope you enjoy and share it for all.


  18. Hey Mike, would you be able to list me?

  19. Hello Mike
    I'd love to be added too. Comics artist, charadesign, storyboard etc :)
    Thanks :)

  20. Hi Mike, I'm hoping you can add my blog to the roll:

  21. Have a look at http://blog.globalmechanic.com - a Vancouver animation studio that blogs about their projects on the go (3D animated short film, commercials, visual effects, game animation). Perhaps you could feature it!

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  25. Hi! I'm a Sheridan Grad who'd love to be added! http://brydiemac.blogspot.ca/

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